And what the sam heck is ScrubbyBubbles?  You know how Julie finds random things hilarious? No?  Well, now you do.  One day, she thought, “Scrubbybubbles!” and went and registered the domain.  Why?  This is a ridiculous question.  You should ask, “Why not?” instead. 

This is a magical place where a lot of crap is kept, likely crap you can’t see.  Hilarious crap.  Crap that would make you crap your pants.

Well, maybe not that great or funny, but Julie never quite grew up, no matter what the calendar says, so just the word “crap” is hilarious.  Seriously.  She is that easily entertained.  And talking in the third person.  That’s also entertaining.

All this is to say, it looks kind of empty here, but if you’re here, you’re likely here because she handed you a link to something else and this was the root domain, and she knows you’re going to go look at it out of curiosity.  She would do the same thing.  So she may as well thoroughly embarrass herself by abusing the word “crap” and babbling like a moron.